JackPine Press has a six month contract available for a Social Media Marketing Strategist. Working with our board of directors on shared goals, our marketing strategist will be responsible for creating and curating content across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The ideal candidate will have a passion for poetry and the literary arts in Saskatchewan.

$30/ hour (1-8 hours per week)
Please send cover letter and resume to [email protected].

Job Description

  • Manage the social media accounts for JackPine Press: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
    1. Take reasonable care in keeping account information secure.
    2. Notify JackPine’s Executive Director (E.D). if you have reason to believe the accounts have been compromised.
    3. Keep JackPine’s E.D. informed of any password changes implemented for account security.
  • Promote JackPine Press through the social media accounts listed above.
    1. Promote events for JackPine’s launches using consistent messaging about time and place, or online links, such as registration, zoom instructions, and who to contact for help registering for online events.
    2. Promote books published by JackPine in consultation with JackPine’s E.D. based on the limited availability of inventory.
    3. Regularly remind social media followers that JackPine accepts new submissions with links to the Submission Guidelines on the JackPine website.
  • Create content for promotional purposes on JackPine’s social media platform.
    1. Create .gifs or. jpgs that show off available JackPine publications based on discussions with the Executive Director (see 2b above).
    2. Use the current online videos of JackPine’s recent launches for little video promotions of our recent publications (as skill allows).
  • Be an ambassador for JackPine in social media interactions.
    1. Encourage questions and seek answers from the E.D. for confirmation if asked something new or unknown to you.
    2. Grow following/follower counts organically. Do not buy follow lists.
    3. Avoid spammy posts. Try for unique content with each post, even when the content is repeatable (promoting events, for example).

Budgeting Time
Minimum per week: 1 hour
Maximum per week: 8 hours