What Do We Consider?We are predominantly a poetry press, but we are open to other excellent writing that remains within the limits of a chapbook: short concise fiction or nonfiction — memoir, essays, short stories, comics — are all possible if your proposal meets the following requirements.Due to time constraints and volunteer hours, we regretfully are unable to respond to all submissions. The board meets quarterly and we respond to successful proposals after each meeting. However, we do not reply to all proposals at this time. Submission Requirements: Excellent WritingWe publish both new and established writers, and we are looking for top-notch work. The maximum length of a chapbook is 32 pages.Please send a manuscript of the proposed project for us to read, hard copy if mailed or file (doc., docx., or PDF) if emailed. PrototypeYour prototype doesn’t need to be a perfect finished product, but it does have to give us an idea of what your final book will be like. Consider this to be proof of concept; it doesn’t need to use high quality materials that will be expected in the final chapbook. We simply need to be able to assess whether the proposed project is do-able and feasible.Is the structure of the book manageable to read?Is the final book object something we can reasonably ship through the mail?Please be aware that we do not return prototype books that have been submitted in hard copy. In the course of examining book design, we regularly (sometimes accidentally, sometimes on purpose) deconstruct the object to consider possible ways to improve design elements.If you’re submitting your work online instead of through the mail, send detailed photos of your prototype from multiple angles, including close-ups of book binding techniques, and what the book looks like opened to a variety of pages. The spine of the book is of interest when the book is open (will the binding remain fastened?).If you don’t have a prototype for us to evaluate because you have a proposal for a chapbook, but you aren’t too keen on book design, please detail what sort of artisanal or artistic support you would need in your Design Proposal (below). We might be able to work with you or find an artist or artisan who would be excited to collaborate. Design ProposalIncluded in the design proposal should be an explanation of your artistic vision.We need a list of materials and descriptions of them. These need not be the materials used in your prototype. Materials should be selected with purpose as outlined in your artistic vision.A Budget: since we are working with individual creators, we need to have a sense of the cost of producing your work. Project your costs for producing 75 copies of whatever your book design entails. Curriculum VitaeWhatever your experience, let us know. Please send to JackPine Press, PO Box 7731, Saskatoon, SK, S7K 0K8, OR email to [email protected]  Publishing with JackPineIf your submission is selected for publication, we pay $1,500 in three installments to facilitate the production of 75 hand-made, high quality chapbooks.JackPine hosts two launch events annually to celebrate and showcase new work. Aside from paying a reading fee to every JackPine author at these events, we will work with you for travel and accommodations for the launch of your book.After the launch, we manage sales through our website, take your work to book fairs, and do our best to make sure your chapbook is recognized and enjoyed. We regularly submit JackPine chapbooks for consideration of awards like the bpNichol Chapbook Awards. We aim to continue to publish prize-winning work.Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with any questions.