Proposal Guidelines

JackPine Press accepts proposals on an ongoing basis. Successful proposals will feature visual content and design that is inextricable from the text itself. Attention to literary merit, typography and binding techniques will be considered, as will the ways in which the proposed work both challenges the notion of what a book can be while also upholding an excellent standard of writing and bound book design. Please note that JackPine will no longer accept submissions that are unbound or are comprised of loose pages in a container or box. The collective is seeking projects that show an ability to work within the stitched or bound book form.

Chosen creators will receive funding with which to acquire all necessary materials and undertake the printing of the text and visual content. Chapbooks are then assembled by the creators themselves, in consultation with the JackPine Press collective. Successful creators must be willing to collaborate not only with each other, but with the collective, which means remaining open to receiving creative direction. Please note that at this time, JackPine is unable to match single designers and writers with one another. This means that preference is given to collaborative teams who have developed their ideas together prior to the proposal’s submission deadline. Proposals developed by single individuals acting as both writer and designer will be considered, but preference is given to collaborations.


The Prototype

The most important part of any proposal is the prototype. This is the physical version of the chapbook. Creating a convincing prototype requires an investment on the part of the collaborators, both in terms of the acquisition of materials, as well as the hours put toward planning and execution. The prototype is the means by which the collective is able to assess whether or not the prospective contributors will be able to devise a design that can be successfully replicated while continuing to meet JackPine’s standards. If you wish to have your prototype returned following consideration, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope or container.

A separate file of your completed poetry manuscript should be sent via email to [email protected], or included on a disc or memory stick.

Supporting Documentation

1. Statement of intent – this is your opportunity to explain what it is you intend to accomplish and communicate with the creation of your chapbook. Explain why JackPine Press is the ultimate publisher for your project and why your project matters. What makes your work meaningful?

2. A brief curriculum vitae for all parties involved in the collaboration. The collective will NOT consider these documents as a focal point in determining whether or not JackPine would like to fund your work. These files are simply a means by which collective members can get a sense of who you are as creators. You will not be judged on previous experience or lack thereof. Your CV will help our administrator to promote your work, should it be accepted, for example in the case of contest entries, etc.

3. A breakdown of your projected budget. JackPine provides $1500 of funding per project. In the past, all chapbooks have been produced in limited editions of 75 copies and sold for $30 each, however, we are diversifying our production model and are open to alternative print runs and pricing. For example, if you would rather use less costly (but still high quality) materials and make a greater number of books (say 125 copies) to be sold at a lower price (say $15 each), JackPine is willing to consider such suggestions. This preliminary budget will undoubtedly need to be revised and finalized if your project is approved for funding. What the collective is looking for at this initial stage is evidence that you’ve thought this through and have a general sense of what your intended methods of printing and binding might cost. It might also be helpful at this stage for prospective creators to project how many hours of labour their intended design might demand.



For consideration for publication in Fall 2017, please send your polished prototype and supporting documentation (statement of intent, CVs, and projected budget) by APRIL 15th 2017.

For consideration for publication in Spring 2018, please send your polished prototype and supporting documentation (statement of intent, CVs, and projected budget) by OCTOBER 15th, 2017.


Final Notes

If the cost of the desired materials is prohibitive and you are forced to use less costly materials to create your prototype, please include a note in your projected budget of which materials have been used at this early stage of creation due to financial constraints and which materials would be substituted should funding be received.

Please keep in mind that the prototype is the primary means by which the collective determines the project’s suitability for JackPine. It may be worth your time and money to invest in the prototype, as you may recover your investment if funded. The prototype is also your opportunity to demonstrate how committed you are to the art of bookmaking.

Ideally, the intended text will be presented already integrated into the prototype itself. This gives the collective an opportunity to assess typography as an element of the chapbook’s design, as well as the literary merit of the written work. If this is impossible, please include the manuscript as part of your supporting documentation.

Please mail all proposals to: JackPine Press, PO Box 7731, Saskatoon, SK, S7K 0K8. No couriers please.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with any questions.