Who We Are

JackPine Press publishes limited edition chapbooks. Some of our publications have encouraged readers to re-imagine what a book is and can be. What sort of object facilitates creative writing? Some of our publications are more traditional, involving hand-sewn book-binding techniques using high quality materials.

Past publications have been recognized by the Alcuin Awards for Excellence in Book Design and the bpNichol Chapbook Awards.

What We Do

JackPine Press provides writers and artists a venue to engage in visual and textual dialogues. Its mission is to publish chapbooks whose form and content are both artistically integrated and unique.


Recent Titles

The Zombie Stance of the Technological Idiot is a lyrical probe into contemporary media, with focus on the inextricability of media from culture. It’s playful, challenging, and satirizing verses throw comical punches, while the book’s analog zine design juxtaposes themes of the work with ideas about communication and alternative media in a pre-internet world.

The Zombie Stance of the Technological Idiot

Sarah Mintz

Table for Four: A collaborative Setting by Eccentric Crops “Steven invited us to make text together. We decided to work with quoted material. We imagined ourselves sitting at the cardinal points of a table. Jennifer suggested we pass versions around, widdershins. Numerous constraints were occasionally obeyed.”

Table For Four

Eccentric Crops

Blue Moon, Red Herring is a light-hearted, probing romp through the history and nuance of colour. Cleverly bound as a set of paint swatches, Blue Moon is a wonderful [deceptively simple?] book-object, that challenges the traditional book structure with humour and heart.

Blue Moon, Red Herring

Angeline Schellenberg

First Lift Here and Other Poems is the first poetry collection by Taidgh Lynch. Lynch’s work examines the nature of relationships by seeming to explore around them, into the spaces and objects which colour that negative space. The book was printed by hand in house by JackPine Press on Kona grey cover paper with painted paper covers, tied with ribbon. Photographs of Ireland are printed throughout the book on vellum.

First Lift Here and Other Poems

Taidgh Lynch

Inspired by her experiences frequently crossing the border as a Canadian living in the US, and the recent political climate across that border – indeed, in the world – the work explores themes of suspicion and espionage, yet remains “a joyful artefact that sparks an important conversation about surveillance in troubling times.” Skytale is a fascinating work, full of codes, ciphers, and hidden messages.


Charmaine Cadeau

The pages are hand bound in a saddle stitch, and then the booklet is glued inside, next to a series of Mohamad’s photographs printed on a transparent vellum in sepia tones. We wanted to echo the ghostlike feeling of the city as we witness the story of its destruction.

The Soap of Aleppo

Mohamad Kebbewar


JackPine Press is looking for chapbook proposals that feature visual content, excellent writing, and great book design. Our mandate is to print literary bookworks: this includes graphic novels, poetry, short essays, or whatever your incredible brain deems worth putting permanently in ink on bound paper. Attention to literary merit, typography and binding techniques will be considered.* Technically, a chapbook is 32 pages, so the one rule is to keep it short, elegant and simple.

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