JackPine Press publishes limited edition chapbooks.

Some of our publications have encouraged readers to re-imagine what a book is and can be. What sort of object facilitates creative writing? Some of our publications are more traditional, involving hand-sewn book-binding techniques using high quality materials. Past publications have been recognized by the Alcuin Awards for Excellence in Book Design and the bpNichol Chapbook Awards.

Founded in 2002 by Tim Lilburn, Sheri Benning, Jennifer Still, Heather Benning, Rosalie Benning, and Helen Marzolf, JackPine has published more than 70 limited edition, hand-bound chapbooks written and designed by Saskatchewan and Canadian artists.

Until JackPine was officially recognized as a non-profit, the press was run by an editorial collective. The press could not have operated without the hard work and passion of these volunteers. Our current staff and board are as follows:

Executive Director: Delane Just

Executive Board of Directors:

  • Aimee-Beth Martens
  • Sara Warman
  • Martin Winquist
  • Chelsea Hill

Treasurer: Aimee-Beth Martens

Editorial Board:

  • Vanessa Moeller
  • Miriam Körner

JackPine Press is a non-profit organization with funding provided by the SaskArts Board.