JackPine Press helps artists and poets publish chapbook projects in limited editions. We do literary and artistic book works in smaller print-runs so that we can keep it weird, handcrafted, or built out of unique fine or found materials.

The JackPine Press Editorial Collective provides some editorial, artistic and technical direction, but the primary role of the Press is to provide financial and promotional support for the creation of innovative book objects. JackPine artists and writers are the creative directors of their work, overseeing the creative direction and production from concept to completion. The collective is Jon Bath, Richard Swain, and Nicole Haldoupis and consulting members include Jeanette Lynes and Taylor Leedahl.

JackPine Press provides writers and artists a venue to engage in visual and textual dialogues. Its mission is to publish chapbooks whose form and content are both artistically integrated and unique. The result of these collaborations between writers and artists are handmade books that are as interesting as art objects as they are as engaging works of literature.

JackPine Press was founded in 2002 By Tim Lilburn, Sheri Benning, Jennifer Still, Heather Benning, Rosalie Benning and Helen Marzolf. JackPine has published more than 70 limited edition, hand-bound chapbooks written and designed by Saskatchewan and Canadian artists.