puck bruise bloom black


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puck bruise bloom black is a book of hockey poems born out of a love for hockey and a resentment of rink culture. Poet and designer Brea Burton disrupts the histories, nostalgias, narratives and stereotypes assigned to the game with her own, blood-dripping-on-ice experiences.This is a rustic, bare-knuckle chapbook that defies the word “delicate” – partly by making itself impossible to fray at the corners. Burton’s response to an inherently violent and often troublesomely gendered hockey culture – including some of the hockey literature that has come before her – is fierce, unapologetic, honestly and visceral. Saddle-stitched with a Strathmore cover, stamped with the relief image of an etched hockey puck, printed on parchment paper. Measures approximately 8.5″ x 4″. *When ordering this product from our website, please specify which colour you prefer in the “Order Notes” feild of your shipping form.*



November, 2014