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JackPine Press publishes limited edition chapbooks. Some of our publications have encouraged readers to re-imagine what a book is and can be. What sort of object facilitates creative writing? Some of our publications are more traditional, involving hand-sewn book-binding techniques using high quality materials.

Past publications have been recognized by the Alcuin Awards for Excellence in Book Design and the bpNichol Chapbook Awards.

What We Do

JackPine Press provides writers and artists a venue to engage in visual and textual dialogues. Its mission is to publish chapbooks whose form and content are both artistically integrated and unique.


From our catalog

The poems span decades and speak to private experiences, thoughts unshared even with those about whom the poem may have been written. The photographs date from a period of years of near seclusion during a recovery from severe depression and are a study in the perfection of household things graced by light.


Michelle Poirier Brown

Blue Moon: The Ono no Komachi Poems is a collection of tanka written in the voice of Japan’s famous waka (tanka) poet, Ono no Komachi, who lived and wrote in the Heian Court, Japan’s golden era of literature. The challenge was to create a book respecting the traditional Japanese format, yet be able to accommodate a western style text block of individually folded pages that could be printed and reproduced with both text and images.

Blue Moon: The Ono no Komachi Poems

Terry Ann Carter & Heather MacDonald

By applying the erasure writing/drawing method to this text, Nyman non-linearly presents a new experience of the book through a more robust framework of choice and responsibility than that offered by the original. Through erasure and reconstruction, Nyman confronts traditional gendered and racialized stereotypes examining how the original presented the reader’s character as a white boy and an Indigenous woman as a two-dimensional supporting character.

Your Very Own

John Nyman

I Followed the Coasts is based on the author’s experiences as an assistant lighthouse keeper at Porphyry Point Light Station, Lake Superior, and the community of people around the island.The poems are accompanied by simple sketches, as may accompany a lighthouse logbook or field notes. A three-colour design allows the reader to follow the flashing light of the Porphyry Point Lighthouse.

I Followed The Coasts

Tazi Rodrigues

coda is a recapitulation of what went before in the previous six fluttertongue books, reduced and rendered with fresh elements woven in—improvisatory yet echoing—born out of revisiting, and then morphing words and fonts into additional flutterings.

coda: Fluttertongue 7

Steven Ross Smith

kireji draws from the poet’s interpersonal and artistic influences, however fleeting they may be; as with many birds who find their song through mimicking and adapting other birdsongs in their ecosystem, differentiation necessitates the recognition of influence and its filtration through our limited points of view.


christian favreau


JackPine Press is looking for chapbook proposals that feature visual content, excellent writing, and great book design. Our mandate is to print literary bookworks: this includes graphic novels, poetry, short essays, or whatever your incredible brain deems worth putting permanently in ink on bound paper. Attention to literary merit, typography and binding techniques will be considered.* Technically, a chapbook is 32 pages, so the one rule is to keep it short, elegant and simple.

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