I Followed the Coasts Launch with Tazi Rodrigues

Join us February 10 at 7pm CST


I Followed the Coasts is based on the author’s experiences as an assistant lighthouse keeper at Porphyry Point Light Station, Lake Superior, and the community of people around the island.The poems are accompanied by simple sketches, as may accompany a lighthouse logbook or field notes.

A three-colour design allows the reader to follow the flashing light of the Porphyry Point Lighthouse. The poetry moves from pages of dark navy, to mid-blue, then to off-white, and back again. White print on dark pages adds to the feel of light off the water. The dark blue cover features a drawing of Porphyry Island filled in with plants and stab stitch binding in cream-coloured thread. This binding technique uses materials that could be found on the island, partly in response to the work of the artists in residence who lived on the island with the author.

Tazi Rodrigues is a writer and master’s student in biology who studies movement and fresh water in both disciplines. A second-generation settler from Winnipeg, she is currently based at the outflow of Lake Ontario into the St Lawrence River in Kingston, where she studies lake trout ecology. She has also lived on several islands (Vancouver Island, Porphyry Island, and Tio’tia:ke, or the Island of Montreal). Her creative work has recently appeared in CV2, the Winnipeg Free Press, and Funicular Magazine.

I Followed the Coasts is now available for pre-order!