The Daughter of a Lumberjack

Creator(s) Melanie Mirasty



July 2013

Mirasty’s collection of poems remembers the tumultuous world of her father’s fragmented loves by using only the tools her grandfather and father used as lumberjacks: wood (a section of unfinished log acts as the book’s circular casing), a chain-saw, oil, and recipe-style cards to record client’s names and contact information. The project reflects on her grandfather’s experience as an illiterate immigrant in Saskatchewan, her father’s experience following in his footsteps through the bush, and Merasty’s calm remembrance of a place of “chains, loud motors, yelling, and cracked branches.”

Materials: Wooden Sleeve cut from Saskatchewan Poplar, finished with Linseed oil. Printed with re-purposed industrial cardstock. Assembled with Coptic Bining using Norton medium grade sandpaper and waxed bookbinding thread.

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