Been a Year

Been a Year is a spare, elegaic poem. This accordion-fold mini-chapbook pulls the reader through a memory of grief. Embossed prints of lakeweed and translucent, pearled paper mirror the poem’s haunting, final image. This small but powerful book is bound in green paper with a blue spine and lace inlay.


Been a Year measures approximately 3 x 5 inches.


John McDonald is a writer, artist, historian, musician, playwright, actor and activist originally from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. A sixth-generation direct descendant of Chief Mistawasis of the Plains Cree, John’s writings and artwork have been displayed in various publications, private and permanent collections and galleries around the world, including the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. John is one of the founding members of the P.A. Lowbrow art movement, and is the Vice-President of the Indigenous Peoples Artists Collective.

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