Lift: Ghazals for C.


Lift traces the transformative cycle of birth and death within a farm family unable to speak of loss. This series of twelve ghazals circles back on and then into itself, as the family comes to terms with what was taken and what remains: with a child’s sickness, the need for hope. Interspersed are hand-printed block prints capturing the isolated feeling of life on a prairie farm. Intentionally stark, they evoke a sense of loneliness, and serve to focus on the house as a stand-alone microcosm within which the world is falling apart.

Materials: The cover is a hand-printed front-to-back linocut print on Arches Aquarelle paper, protected by Mylar sheath. The book is hand-stitched with bees-waxed archival linen thread, and contains three original hand-printed block prints, with text printed on Canson Special Effects paper.






June 2008


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